What’s in a name?


A promo headshot of Simon Brown. Casual dress mirror shot. Holding XE-1. Monochrome version (Simon Brown)

Why I’ve changed style to ‘Simon Brown, photographer’  from ‘Simon Brown, photojournalist’.

My elaboration of the story always conforms to the reality at its source. It is always close to the world, the life, the reality it describes. No matter where I go, I’m still holding up a mirror.”

 Gustaw Herling-Grudziński

 It’s quite simple really, and that quote pretty much sums it up. The honourable title of photojournalist, to me it means telling a story using images supported by words. How that story is told will always be shaded by the storyteller’s own Weltenscauung. To many other people though it seems to have acquired a meaning centred around storytelling from a neutral detached observer position, delivering an uninvolved purity of ‘objective truth’ and ‘balance’, often focused on human misery and conflict. Whilst this position has great value, it’s not an approach I can really inhabit in my photography.

So from now on, it’s ‘Simon Brown, photographer’, a style I can inhabit in comfort, with a little less guilt and a little more freedom of expression.


Be well,


Changes – A new direction?


Around the end of Cleethorpes' compact little pier a similarly small flock of Starlings(Sturnus vulgaris) swirl to their roost. [sb012146] (Simon Brown)Like many photographers, I use both this blog and a Tumblr.

Also like many photographers I’m finding myself doing the same things on both platforms. So, as duplication of effort has never been a clever idea I’ve decided to change how I use this blog. Out are going the daily image posts; that’s what Tumblr is great for. On the blog I’ll be posting occasional thought pieces, kit reviews and technical advice.

Posts will still turn up on my Twitter, @sibrownphoto and occasionally on my Tumblr .

Be well, and enjoy the change,


Photographer’s words – Quote Annie Leibovitz


“What am I supposed to say when people ask me these questions about. you know, your commercial work or your magazine work versus this or that work? I would like to break down those walls. I would like to say ‘I’m a photographer and this is my work. Some of it is this and some of it is this.'”

Annie Leibovitz

speaking in ‘Annie Leibovitz: Life through a lens’

Velo – A York evening


The joy of cycling in a flatland city; an elegant low slung bike awaits it's rider in York. [sb016313] (Simon Brown)

The joy of cycling in a flatland city; an elegant low slung bike awaits it’s rider in York. [sb016313] (Simon Brown)

I love this bike; if I didn’t have to use the trains to get around* it’s just the sort of thing I’d ride around town.

*they make a folder essential